Camel Milk Soap

What is the benefit of Camel Milk Soap?

Camel milk contains lanolin, which helps lock in moisture and soothe inflammation. Why does that matter? Because that helps your skin look RADIANT.

Camel milk contains AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) which helps your skin renew its youthful appearance. And youthful is the basis for a body that glows. Remember how you looked when you were a teenager? We can't build a time machine back to the 80's, but soaps with AHAs are a great way to pretend you can.

These soaps are high in Vitamin C (so good for you). This essential vitamin is high in collagen, which is a protein that helps give skin its soft, supple texture. When you apply it to your skin, you can avoid spending money on painful injections.

Camel Milk is good for all skin types, oily, normal, combination, dry, or sensitive skin.

Fun Fact! 

Cleopatra bathed daily in camel milk to maintain her flawless beauty and complexion!

All bars of Camel Milk Soaps we sell come wrapped in bands are made from a handmade seeded paper handmade in Nepal. The paper comes from a bush that regenerates itself after cutting. What isn't used for paper is used to help the community. There are 10 different North American Wildflower species embedded int the paper, you can either plant them or compost them.